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3rd CSF Community Programs and the UHCC


The UHCC fosters close cooperation both with various Ministries, and with various involved agencies, for the successful implementation of 3rd CSF programs and the development of initiatives aimed at modernising mainly small businesses.


At the same time, it does not fail to fulfil the primary objective of providing information to Chamber Management bodies and officials so as to offer Hellenic businesses various services to improve the business environment they operate in and to have better access

to various financing means.


The UHCC also processes and forwards on to Chambers, issues regarding the 3rd CSF, information society, e-commerce and in general, the development and utilisation of internet structures that are pertinent to chamber and business activity.


Finally, the UHCC participates in the Monitoring Committee of the “Competitiveness” Operational Program (2000-2006), made up of representatives from the Ministries of Economy, Development, Labour, Environment Physical Planning and Public Works, the Payment Management Authority, the Fiscal Control Committee and other public sector bodies, the Local Authorities, Economic and Social Partners, and representative non-governmental organisations






The UHCC implements various programs and support actions, designed and elaborated to create and operate major EDP and other projects and applications, aimed at contributing to the strengthening of networking and information capacities for UHCC member-Chambers.